The AEP provides a rich learning environment outdoors as well as indoors, where children discover the world through their senses and open-ended questions.As a part of the outdoors programme, children experience urban agriculture by cultivating veggies and fruits, which comprise an important part of our kitchen input.


Evaluation is an inseparable part of our education.


Term reports          (January-June)

Mid-term reports      (November-April)

Group meetings        (October-March)

Individual meetings   (As needed)


In addition, we provide you with your student's activity portfolio at the end of each academic year.


Family Counselling


Family Contribution

To make parents a part of their child's development, to enhance children’s behavioral development within the family-child-environment triangle, and to ensure lasting improvement in these areas, family involvement and good communication are the most important and inseparable elements of education.

Parent contribution is generally achieved thru seven activities;

 -Orientation days

 -Group meetings

 -Individual meetings

 -Workshop days

 -Presentations by parents

 -Monthly Ilkadım newsletter

 -Elementary school preparation meetings for Kindergarten II


Education at AEP

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